Showing Preparation – Tips For Newton MA Listings

It is important to make your home presentable before buyers visit. When potential buyers view your home, they must be able to imagine living there. Showing Preparation involves some simple tasks and can lead to your home selling sooner and for closer to asking price. Below you will find tips for Newton MA listings.

Showing Preparation – Tips For Newton MA Listings

Clean and Clear

Give your residence a good cleaning. Messy areas discourage visitors. Be sure to get rid of clutter from your home. Cluttered spaces or overflowing furniture can make rooms feel smaller. Consider a storage space for unused furniture and rarely used items. Organize closets, kitchen cabinets, and other spaces as buyers often open them. A clean and clutter-free home allows others to see past your personal furnishings.

An Unbiased Home

While your home is being marketed for sale, make the decor less about your personal belongings. This means hiding content that can distract buyers or give them incorrect impressions about you. Hide family pictures and items that express obvious religious or political statements.

Remove Fragile Items

Regardless of how carefully you or your broker monitor visitors, accidents and thefts do occur. Protect your treasured belongings by putting them in a safe place. Pay specific attention to small pieces that can be quickly stolen. Lastly, kids may be present, so hide any items that are easily broken and within reach of children.

Address Repairs

Remove any fixtures not included in the sale. This reduces misconceptions on what comes with the property. Also search for needed repairs such as holes in walls, damaged floor tiles, and leaking drains. When buyers notice glaring items that are unfixed, they think that you likely neglect more essential matters through the years.

Showing Preparation and Last Minute Tasks

Lastly, there are a few to-dos that you can perform right before a showing.

  • Take Out the Trash
  • Make Beds
  • Hide the Laundry
  • Let in Natural Light Through the Windows

Showing preparation will lead to more buyer interest and more favorable offers. For additional information on showing preparation or tips for Newton MA listings, contact Scott Beard 617-651-0081 or

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