Costly Seller Mishaps When Listing Greater Boston Properties

There are several seller actions that impact a property’s ability to sell. Some costly seller mishaps when listing Greater Boston properties are more damaging than others. Sellers must know the impact of their own actions and avoid the errors below.

Costly Seller Mishaps When Listing Greater Boston Properties

Not Cleaning

Keeping a property constantly presentable can be difficult especially while still living there. Sellers must clean up prior to buyer visits and open houses. Buyers will focus on little about a home and more of the mess instead, so failing to clean up will make your property less desirable. Buyers assume that sellers who do not clean their property also ignore critical home maintenance. Cleaning up helps Greater Boston homes for sale sell faster and for a higher price.

Making Listings Difficult to Show

The more inconvenient it is to view a property, the less likely it is to be shown. Sellers should think carefully about requiring extensive notice or only allowing viewings during specific times. Another mistake is making it cumbersome for key pickup. In markets with a lot of inventory, buyers will gravitate towards properties that are easy to show. Complicated showing instructions result in missed opportunities and longer listing time frames.

Attending Appointments

Greater Boston sellers often want to be present during buyer visits, but this does more harm than good. Buyers can feel awkward looking through a home under a seller’s watchful eye. Also, excessive conversation from a seller distracts the buyer’s attention away from the property itself. Buyers like to take time to explore a property and to speak openly with one another about their thoughts. Sellers and buyers interacting directly with one another can also lead to inferences about motivation and contract terms.

What’s in a Price?

Price is impacts marketing time and how much it will ultimately sell for. Of the costly seller mishaps when listing Greater Boston properties, this one is the biggest. It is normal for sellers to want a maximum price from their property. However, there is a danger of overpricing. Overpriced real estate take much longer to sell than moderately priced ones. Over time, the listing grows stale and loses the interest of buyers. The property will sell for less after price reductions and more marketing time. There is really no benefit to overpricing Greater Boston real estate. Talk to a real estate agent for an honest opinion on price and hold off on listing your property if the market value is not sufficient.

Selling Independently

Some Greater Boston sellers try to sell a property on their own. Although it can be done, there may be many issues and costly mistakes during the process. Real estate brokers are experts on selling real estate, acting as an intermediary, negotiating deals, and protecting the interests of sellers. They also monitor changes in the market. Experience can make a big difference, especially during fluctuating market conditions.

Greater Boston Sellers Play an Important Role

Sellers play an essential role in the listing of Greater Boston real estate. The costly seller mishaps when listing Greater Boston properties above are merely the most critical mistakes. A knowledgeable listing agent can prevent other listing pitfalls. For additional advice on listing real estate, contact Scott Beard at 617-651-0081 or

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