Newton MA Luxury Home Purchase Advice

Purchasing luxury Newton MA home can be somewhat different from lower end homes. The negotiation, property inspection, and mortgage process can be more time consuming and demand additional diligence. Your first step should be hiring a buyer representative to guide you in the process. In this article you will find basic Newton MA luxury home purchase advice.

Hiring an Agent and Making Bids

Identifying home values and negotiating luxury home prices require experience with the luxury real estate market. Luxury homes also contain features not often included in lesser priced real estate, thus not all Realtors may be equipped with the knowledge and training to properly advise you on pricing. A good real estate agent who specializes in luxury real estate is important for price negotiations as well as other key phases in the luxury home purchase process.

Importance of Inspections

Inspection of luxury homes can demand specific skills and lengthy time frames. Luxury properties typically contain unique amenities and systems that not all inspectors have experience with. If you can not find a home inspector qualified to assess such features, ask your Realtor for a referral. Also allocate more time during the inspection, especially when buying large estates. Inspections are a way to better understand the condition of your investment. It is important not to skip or rush through this critical step.

Financing a Luxury Home

Most luxury real estate is bought with some type of mortgage. Higher dollar values often fall into the category of jumbo loans. These mortgages can take a little longer to process. They sometimes also require additional financial documentation or market value verification. Having sufficient personal financial records will help facilitate approval of your loan. Despite taking longer than cash transactions, most buyers with mortgages can still compete with cash buyers when offering attractive terms. Your buyer agent can help you determine the best way to present your offer in bidding scenarios.

Additional Newton MA Luxury Home Purchase Advice

The Newton MA luxury home purchase advice above are just a few important items. A real estate agent can provide more comprehensive information and support. The right real estate agent can also ensure a smooth and successful purchase experience. For expert advice and service please contact Scott Beard at 617-651-008 or

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