Custom Vs. Production Builders In Boston MA

With so many different builders in the market, it may be confusing determining how they vary. Starting from plots and floor plans to designs and materials, each builder can do things a little bit differently. There are some common themes regarding custom vs. production builders in Boston MA.

What Are Custom Builders

While many custom builders will use land that they own, some prefer that clients purchase the lots. This gives you the ability to control what you have built. Custom builders typically design customized homes that are lot adapted and constructed solely for a particular client from a unique architectural design. Certain custom builders even include in-house design services. Additionally, they build high-end, single family homes, and take on 25 projects or less each year. For individuals with extensive budgets, hiring a custom builder will provide the greatest amount of customization.

What Are Production Builders

Production builders ordinarily use the same building practices and allow less flexibility than custom builders. They often work on land that they own and prefer that customers pick from a few different stock floor plans. However, they may offer a variety of options such as your choice of flooring, counter tops, kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Production builders handle all forms of housing, from single-family buildings to town houses and commercial properties. They also cover all price ranges from introductory to luxury. Lastly, their volume is normally more than the number of homes built by custom builders. If you are someone who is budget conscious, production builders are a great option.

Custom Vs. Production Builders In Boston MA

Please remember that the information above on custom vs. production builders in Boston MA include merely common characteristics. Many builders are hybrids. While price point is one of the biggest factors in obtaining some of what you want and all that you want, you must also consider exactly how involved you would like to be. The ability to find a lot may also be a deciding factor. Regardless of which route you take, most builders will allow some level of decision-mmaking. In the end, you will want a property that best suits both your wants and your finances.

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