Hull and Nantasket Beach And Waterfront Properties in Hull MA

Hull  has a total area of 28.2 square miles of which, 3.0 square miles  of it is land and 25.2 square miles  of it (89.26%) is water. Hull is located on narrow Nantasket Peninsula, which juts into Massachusetts Bay, and is the southern land point at the entrance to Boston Harbor. Hidden in Hull’s bay is Hog Island, now known as Spinnaker Island.  Spinnaker Island has been developed with condominiums, and is connected to mainland Hull via a low bridge. The town is bordered by Hingham Bay to the west, Massachusetts Bay to the north and east, and the towns of Cohasset and Hingham to the south. Hull is located almost twenty miles  by land from Boston, although by water, not counting islands, it is just five miles from Pemberton Point in Hull to City Point in Dorchester. Although it is a forty-five minute drive into the heart of Boston, it is a twenty minute boat ride from Pemberton Pier, at the tip of Hull, into Boston’s Long Wharf which is close to the North End and Faneuil Hall. Hull is separated from Cohasset and Hingham by the Weir River Estuary. Black Rock Beach connecting to Cohasset is the town’s only landed connection to the mainland, although two bridges link the town to Hingham. Town neighborhoods include (from south to north) Green Hill, Straits Pond, Crescent Beach, Gunrock, Atlantic Hill, West Corner, Rockaway, Rockaway Annex, Nantasket Beach, Sagamore Hill, Hampton Circle, Sunset Point, Kenberma, Strawberry Hill, Waveland, Windermere, Allerton, Spinnaker Island, Stony Beach, Telegraph Hill, Hull Village, and Pemberton. The areas west of the northerly two miles of the three-mile-long Nantasket Beach constitute the majority of the town’s landed area. The lands of Hull also include Peddocks Island, a part of the Boston Harbor Islands State Park. . Below are details on Hull and Nantasket Beach and Waterfront Properties in Hull MA.

Features & Amenities of Hull and Nantasket

Hull’s close proximity to Boston and suburbs make it a great summer vacation home destination.  Wonderful beaches, entertainment and great surf all add to Hull being a great place to buy your beach home.

Hull and Nantasket Hull MA Homes for Sale

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