Home Buyer Tips

Tax Deductions For Owning Homes In Boston MA

There can be several tax deductions for owning homes. Deductions reduce your taxable income and thus lead to fewer taxes owed. It is helpful to understand the tax benefits when buying a property or … [Read more...]

Boston MA Homestead Law Details

Homestead protection is available to Boston MA homeowners and shelters their equity from unsecured creditors. This is a vital consideration for any homeowner. The Boston MA homestead law details in … [Read more...]

An Explanation Of Boston MA Appraised And Assessed Home Values

Appraised and assessed home values are regularly confused with one another. As a home buyer and home seller, it is helpful to remember the difference between the two. An explanation of Boston MA … [Read more...]

Guidelines For Including Personal Items In Purchase And Sales Agreements

In the home buying process, it is typical to request appliances. Occasionally, people might try and get other personal items as well, such as window coverings or equipment. Prior to including such … [Read more...]

Reasons To Purchase Boston MA Homes This Year

Figuring out when to purchase a property is usually a tough task. You are probably curious if the market will go up or down and whether you are making a good decision. Unfortunately, no one can tell … [Read more...]

Boston MA Laws On Rental Deposits

In MA, landlords can require two different types of deposits: a security deposit and last months rent. These deposits must be handled in a very specific manner according to the law. A summary of the … [Read more...]

1181 Commonwealth Ave West Newton MA – Sold by Scott Beard at Bean Group

1181 Commonwealth Ave West Newton MA is a Colonial single family for sale at 3,500,000. It was sold by Scott Beard at Bean Group for 3,200,000 on 8/26/2014. COMPLETE RESTORATION OF A GRAND 1927 … [Read more...]

Custom Vs. Production Builders In Boston MA

With so many different builders in the market, it may be confusing determining how they vary. Starting from plots and floor plans to designs and materials, each builder can do things a little bit … [Read more...]

Determining Real Estate Ownership Costs In Boston MA

Determining real estate ownership costs in Boston MA is a critical starting point for any real estate buyers and should be performed before touring properties for sale. This preserves time and … [Read more...]

An Overview Of Negotiating Offers For Newton MA Homes

Many negotiations take place in the home selling process. It can be complex and emotional as everyone wants to feel that the outcome favors them, or is at the very least a fair compromise. This blog … [Read more...]